Southborough Drive

Styling a very large spec home in the British Properties starts before construction begins


The builders of this very large home in the lower British Properties approached DEKORA for help very early in the process, beginning with selecting an exterior finish/colour palette for submission of drawings and permit applications to city hall. We don’t usually get involved quite that early, but we were happy to help out! When the project was finally completed, we came in to furnish and style the home, which is of course our specialty.

At 8500 SF, this is a big house, and principal rooms are designed on a large scale. The main living room soars two stories with a full wall of windows, and the master bedroom suite is as large as many condos. As with any house this size, the big challenge in staging is creating a feel of warmth and comfort within the imposing spaces. Potential buyers want that impressive size and prestigious presentation, but also want and respond to the feel of home and sense of intimacy that thoughtful styling can achieve.

Let Dekora create that love at first sight feeling for your home.

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