Panorama Village Condo

A 1980 condo is recreated in spectacular style by a prominent designer/builder


This development at Panorama Village was built in 1980, and features large, spacious units with – true to its name – panoramic views. This condo was in original condition, and understandably dated, it was a candidate for full renovation when acquired by our long-term client, a premier designer and custom home builder with the vision and expertise to bring out the best in its potential.

This project was major, involving significant reconstruction, reconfiguring the floor plan and even constructing a partial second floor within what was formerly a two-storey open area above the living room. The finished result is a unique and remarkable home, furnished and styled by DEKORA to appeal to an affluent downsizer target market. The project hit its mark, with an immediate full-price sale to one of the first people who saw it.

Let Dekora create that love at first sight feeling for your home.

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