Pacific Blvd Condo

Unplanned events drove both a full renovation and subsequent sale of this condo in the heart of Yaletown


The owners of this spacious-but-dated condo had only just purchased it when a burst pipe flood occurred, which both prevented their planned move-in, and ultimately prompted a full renovation. The damage from the flood meant that so much restoration work would be required that doing everything at once made sense. The 1990s finishing was dated, and a serious refresh was called for.

By the time renovations were finished, a further change of life plans meant a cross-country move for the owners, so instead of moving into their newly-finished home, the decision was made to put it on the market and sell. DEKORA was called in to furnish and style the home for a top-dollar price goal.

Our approach was to stage with a fresh, style-forward look and feel to appeal to the young, trend-aware urban target market for this property. Cool ocean blues and greens complement the white-on-white paint and finish scheme with driftwood finish hardwood floors, while an unexpected mix of classic traditional pieces like the velvet tufted sofa play contrast to the fresh modern look. Touches of gold metallic finishes and patterned textiles warm and enrich the space.

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