Heritage on West 16th Avenue

Heritage homes transformed into new townhomes and infill coach house units


Heritage on West 16th by Formwerks Boutique Properties was one of the unique Vancouver projects that we were lucky to work on this year. Three West 16th heritage homes were transformed into 12 new townhomes and infill coach house units. The townhomes retained their beautiful historic architecture while addressing the multi-family housing needed in the city of Vancouver.

This project allowed us to combine both new and old, something we don’t often get to do. The design vision for this project was a reimagining of heritage in the context of modern needs and tastes.

Keeping the heritage feel and enhancing the character of each townhome was the goal when staging the two display units. We chose a style that was fresh and luxurious with a modern twist, with an emphasis on high-quality materials and finishings.

When walking into these townhomes you’re automatically drawn to the beautiful warmth of wood floors combined with bright natural light. The mixture of lightly textured furnishings and dark wood accents was utilized to compliment the home's character, and neutral furnishings is a nod to a more modern home, and allows the historic architecture to take centre stage. These townhomes were sold inclusive of DEKORA’s furnishing package.

Let Dekora create that love at first sight feeling for your home.

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