Commercial Drive Condo

Top quality renovation and styling of a 1990’s condo near Commercial Drive makes for a fast sale


This previously rather dated one-bedroom suite didn’t have much to make it stand out, despite it’s desirable location close to “The Drive” and a prized garden-level outlook to an enclosed private patio space. That is, until the space was given an expert interior renovation by a dream-team of owner and designer who knew exactly what the condo needed to make it shine! Some very well executed details gave the property a look and feel of both quality and sophistication far beyond what it started with – without breaking the bank – and truly wowed prospective buyers. An outstanding example of what can be achieved with some smart money well spent by people who know what they’re doing! Check out the elegant crown and ceiling millwork, and that kitchen cabinetry is from IKEA.

Some sophisticated staging by DEKORA, and it was sold the first weekend.

Let Dekora create that love at first sight feeling for your home.

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