Chartwell View Home

Refreshing a unique, grand-scale modern house with some unusual features and commanding views in Chartwell


The owner of this property had recently worked with a contractor to refresh and

update some elements of the house, designed by architect Craig Chevalier and originally built in 2010. The irregularly shaped property is at the end of a cul-de-sac, with steep elevations and jaw-dropping views. Interior spaces are large, high-ceiling volumes and incorporate some unusual angles that shift axis and make furniture layouts challenging. At 8000 square feet over three levels, this was a large-scale project. The home had been staged by others and listed previously without success, and was taken off the market unsold. DEKORA’s challenge was to give the home the fresh, contemporary, luxury look and feel that would connect with the right buyers.

Well, we certainly did that, and the buyers purchased all of the DEKORA furniture, art and accessories as a completely furnished and styled home!

We can take care of everything to prepare your home for sale.

Or we can create that love for the home you live in.

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