Watermark Show Home

A large scale show home comes to life with the right touch


Sometimes, the supporting cast is what makes a star stand out. A great meal needs a fine wine to make it memorable. An amazing outfit comes to life with the perfect jewelry. This wonderful show home in Bearspaw, when vacant, didn’t sparkle in the way that it was meant to. In large vacant houses, those big open spaces tend to feel cavernous and ill-defined. This isn’t a reflection at all on the quality and design of the home, but rather the way our minds interact with empty spaces. We crave context and content to fill in the voids.

Here, DEKORA played the supporting role to make this house a star. Each room was given a distinct purpose. Properly scaled furniture helped make the large spaces feel intimate and cozy. Carefully curated art helped balance the large expanses of wall. Décor accessories were chosen specifically to compliment the builder’s finishes. The house took on a personality, became a memorable character – and most importantly, a home. We could almost hear the applause from the crowds when, as if by magic, it quickly sold!

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