Ramsay Infill Home

Bold and distinctive design sets this home apart, and the right staging treatment leads to LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT


This new build was a project by a great builder who was not afraid to take some chances to stand apart from the crowd!A bold, graphic look for the house starts on the outside and carries right on inside, with a dramatic kitchen backsplash wall in black herringbone marble all the way to the ceiling, opposite an open central staircase enclosed in glass with a black grid framework.More risky but stunning choices include black 3D tile in the ensuite bath and a beautiful, dark graphic wallpaper for the powder room.All great inspiration for us in styling the home!It was a fun project for Dekora, and a win for the builder thanks to a fast sale.The new homeowners definitely fell in ‘love at first sight,’purchasing many Dekora furniture and accessory pieces for their new home!

Let Dekora create that love at first sight feeling for your home.

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