Modern Infill in Altadore

Styling by DEKORA makes the difference in achieving a sale


This attractive, newly built home in Altadore had been on the market and shown vacant for nearly a year. A good example of how even a very attractive new home in a great central neighbourhood can simply fail to connect with potential buyers when it’s left empty.

The home had lots going for it – great location, handsome modern design, bright open spaces and nice finishing details. What it lacked was the right kind of personality, character and styling needed to bring it to life for our target purchaser! We introduced a funky, somewhat eclectic mix of furnishings and bold artwork to give the spaces a sophisticated but casual feel, and an overall atmosphere of inviting comfort and ease. Within a few weeks of being staged, the home was SOLD.

Let Dekora create that love at first sight feeling for your home.

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