Modern Design in Elboya

An exceptional custom home demands considered restraint in styling


We love working with builders and consider working with them a privilege. From beginning to completion of a project, the builder has the vision and control, and knows the intimate details of the journey. For us, one of the most special things we do is listen to a builder talk about their project. When we first saw this home, it was immediately obvious to us that the this had been a labour of love for this builder/craftsman. We marveled as he shared the property with us, listening to his stories. The detail and solid structure of the home was unlike anything we had seen before, while the Scandinavian feel was clean, modern and exuded quality. His passion for what he does matches our own, and honouring and highlighting the beautiful craftsmanship and design was a challenge we took seriously.

It takes a lot of skill to make clean and modern feel effortless and intentional. Every styling detail was contemplated. The furniture choices compliment the design and styling is understated and modern. Positive and negative spaces throughout the home were carefully considered as we selected art to highlight the beautiful wall spaces. The styling of this house turned out beautifully, and was exactly in line with what the builder had envisioned. And, in a very difficult market, the home found a family that appreciated how unique it really is.

We can take care of everything to prepare your home for sale.

Or we can create that love for the home you live in.

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