Elegant Eau Claire Condo

A trophy riverfront property promises a sophisticated urban lifestyle for new owners


The owners of this spectacular riverfront condominium, a young couple who had enjoyed a cultured downtown lifestyle here, now had a beautiful baby. As you would expect, their accommodation needs changed substantially. They now needed a larger home with outdoor space close to good schools, and to make this change happen, they needed to sell their condo. Sophisticated elegance was the key to success in marketing their home, and to keep it looking the part, the young family moved out while it was listed.

The approach for DEKORA was to present the condo once again to a buyer who craved the urban lifestyle offered in a very sophisticated, elegant building. With a mix of luxurious furniture, layered accessories and an interesting collection of art, the apartment was transformed. In a down market with much competition it sold within 2 weeks of staging, and the sellers moved on to the family home they needed. They were so thrilled with the transformation to their old home that they asked DEKORA to help them furnish their new one!

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