Elbow Park Bungalow

An approachable and livable, yet formal family home - a contradiction? Not when it’s styled by the skilled team at DEKORA


At first glance, this house reminded us a lot of our quirky beloved, great-aunt. Our favourite, she was the one who was very proper and strict but always had a mischievous grin and a twinkle in her eye. Like our aunt, there is much more to this house than meets the eye. Traditional double-hung windows. Classic millwork. Serious light fixtures. Formal fireplace. And, surprisingly, trendy polished concrete floors in the basement. While the main floor is lovely and spacious, all of the bedrooms, including the master, are located on the basement level. This little gem was newly renovated but is located within the area heavily flooded in 2013, so it was not a typical, dated older bungalow. Knowing that buyers make decisions within the first few seconds, we needed to make a high-impact first impression.

Approachability was the key. DEKORA injected some fresh, contemporary style while honouring the traditional design of the home. Unexpected touches like pairing modern chrome and leather chairs with a very traditional trestle-base dining table were the key to making this relationship work. It was a fun challenge to make this home feel family friendly and our stylish, livable approach obviously worked because in a difficult real estate market, this property sold within the first few days of listing! Our great-aunt would be proud!

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