Eau Claire Estates Penthouse

A very large and luxurious, but dated penthouse is styled to reveal new potential


People sell their homes and move to new ones for all kinds of reasons. In this case, a retired couple were selling their very large (4400 SF) two-story luxury penthouse to move closer to their children and grandchildren. As is often the case in the Calgary inner-city luxury market, older resale properties are competing with new properties for the same buyers. This home was in a 1980s building with less character than the newer buildings around it, but it did offer some of the most expansive panoramic views of the downtown available in Eau Claire. While the condo had been tastefully renovated some years ago, the layout was still a challenge.

Our goal was to capitalize on the downtown vistas and capture the attention of a sophisticated, well-travelled buyer - perhaps with an extensive art collection to take advantage of the impressive wall space! We drew on our extensive inventory of beautiful high-end furniture pieces, our own art collection, plus our relationships with some of Calgary’s premier art galleries, so we were able to furnish and transform every square inch of this vast penthouse. Working with the generous spaces, the walls came to life with beautiful art and each room had a curated, luxury feel to it.

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