California Style Villa at Watermark

Unsold after five years on the market, new styling vision gives this remarkable estate home a new life


While the phrase “diamond in the rough” could describe this truly one of a kind home at Watermark when we first saw it, the phrase falls far short of highlighting how spectacular the home really is. High end finishes, a generous floor plan complete with carriage house and triple garage, along with some unique design features give this home a fabulous Santa Barbara feel not typically found in a home in Calgary! This builder-spec home had been on the market for FIVE YEARS UNSOLD when we saw it - a staged show home for 2 years, and on the market for 3 years before that. When we were asked to step in, we were blown away by what we saw. Even we could not see past the existing furniture, art and accessories to appreciate the beautiful home that was underneath all the layers. Imagine how that impacted potential buyers! When done well, staging works and properties sell, but if not done well, staging can work against you. After five years on the market, this spectacular ‘new’ house sadly felt tired, unapproachable and disjointed. To appeal to the market again, we needed to give the place an exciting and completely different look.

Every square foot of this home was reconsidered, restyled and refurnished. In this family-oriented neighbourhood, we needed to make the home feel approachable, make sense of the unique floorplan and give purpose to each space. We came up with a new design plan, chose some existing pieces that would work with the new concept, and had the remainder removed to the garage. We furnished and styled the house to give it a luxurious, wine-country feel complete with a Parisian-inspired morning room/office for mom, a wine tasting room and a spectacular living room complete with grand piano. It appears that our vision for the property was directly in line with buyer expectations. With immediate new interest on the market, the property sold within 3 months. The buyers loved what we did so much that they purchased all of the furnishings and décor with the home! Understandably, this is one of our all-time favourite projects.

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