Altadore Custom Home

A stylish, large executive infill becomes a comfortable home for an urban family


When our client, a builder new to DEKORA, showed us this executive family property for the first time, we were immediately impressed. The use of unique, high end finishes, along with a contemporary open floor plan and lots of natural light gave this space a very appealing feel, even when vacant. Beautiful! The goal of the styling was to bring warmth and texture throughout the house while showing off its substantial proportions. The generous rooms needed to feel warm, intimate and purposeful. And because this client wanted professional portfolio and listing photos, most of the home was staged to show off their beautiful work.

This house was such a joy to style. The beautiful floors, impressive millwork and modern windows gave us some great design cues. The end product was an eclectic mix of styles and textures. The mid-century modern, rustic and cotemporary modern furniture pieces were combined with classic rugs and amazing art and accessories. It all came together beautifully. Both the realtor and builder were extremely pleased with the results of the staging, and considering the property sold within a week of presentation in a very difficult market, this high-end eclectic look resonated with buyers, too!

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