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Custom Builder Show Homes


Styling secret unveiled.

Staging your custom built show home like a pro.

Premier builders pride themselves on a full-service experience and impeccable attention to detail. It’s their real-life resume.  Our challenge as stylists is to bring their projects to life.

What’s the secret to styling a show home like a pro?

No areas overlooked but enough restraint to avoid clutter or unnecessarily filling space.

A cohesive flow, while incorporating different focus on spaces individually.

Keep it neutral, but not lacklustre. Use a variety of neutral or muted colors to give interest to the space and invite natural reactions. Using accent décor pieces, artwork and lamps that can add interest and flair without taking over the space.

Make living rooms livable. Use properly scaled furniture with enough seating for everybody that could live in the house, plus potential guests.

Appropriately sized beds, dressed in high-quality linens that make you want to crawl inside. Rugs in bedrooms that have hard surface flooring.

Kitchens should be open and inviting without clutter. Essential fixtures and appliances should be in place, showing perspective buyers how they could live and entertain in the space

Let in that light. Utilize every window and natural light source available, using art and strategically placed mirrors to reflect light into the space.  Adding lamps and accent lighting where suitable to brighten rooms and create atmosphere.

The purpose of a show home is selling a lifestyle vision, not just a house.  Our goal is to create an environment that feels homey and relatable, yet aspirational and inviting.