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Amenity Spaces


Set yourself and your building apart.

Modern amenities build community and cohesion.

Amenities were once overlooked by buyers and investors. In recent times developers have had to go the extra mile to set themselves and their buildings apart with amenities that can sometimes rival luxury resorts. But amenities are not just reserved for high-end developments anymore. Even more affordable new projects are incorporating extensive indoor and outdoor amenities.

The pandemic played a major role in revealing a bigger issue; people who are living in a small footprint or cramped space have a significant lack of outdoor access as well as private space for remote work.  Building a sense of community and cohesion is becoming more of a priority in urban centres.  New housing developments are being designed around improving day-to-day life, with a push towards biophilic design, harnessing and utilizing natural materials and colours.

Experts predict an increase in the size of living spaces, giving people more room indoors, and increasing balconies, terraces, or rooftop patios to better capture private outdoor living space. Amenities will be geared more towards services and conveniences of residents, including remote working.  A 2022 project by Dekora for a major developer features some 5-star amenity and lounge spaces, including al fresco dining around a large pool terrace with vast landscaping and water features.  Moving inside, each tower lobby has a well thought out lobby lounge and parcel delivery room to keep deliveries secure. Full gym, weight room, yoga studio, dance studio, spa lounge and massage services. Full games lounge including billiards room and bar, lounge, and board game area. For those that like to entertain, there‚Äôs a commercial grade kitchen and formal indoor and outdoor dining rooms, sports bar and TV lounge, as well as a movie theatre. For those overnight guests, there is an oversized guest suite that can be rented out nightly.

For-use vs. Service-oriented Amenities include:

  • Multi-Purpose Rooms
  • Gyms / Fitness / Yoga
  • Work Spaces / Meeting Spaces
  • Social Gathering / Dining
  • Bike or Car Wash
  • Pet Wash Stations
  • Parcel/Delivery Rooms and Attendants
  • Concierges (In person and Virtual)
  • Charging Stations/Bars