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Interior Design and Home Staging

We Love What We Do

We’ve redefined home staging since 2003—not only what it can be, but how it can look, what it can do, and how it can make a difference in your life. Guided by five core values, we’re authentic every step of the way. We believe in what we do—in owning our actions and going for it. We give ourselves the room to be creative and curious, to play with possibilities and create something we all think is pretty magical. That’s the power of interior design and home staging—it’s desire made real. And our team always goes for it to create spaces people will love.

Our commitment

Working in Western Canada, our interior design and home staging work focuses in Calgary with an administrative base in Vancouver. We’ve styled, staged, and furnished thousands of homes and condos, working with builders, developers, private homeowners, investors, and top realtors. Our team approaches every project with the same commitment: to help our home staging clients maximize the value of their property and to help our interior design clients fall in love with where their life unfolds. 

We Believe in community

People are the heart of our business, and finding ways to help doesn’t stop at what we do during work hours. We believe in community and are always looking for ways to contribute and give back. 

Giving Back

We care about contributing to the larger community we are all a part of.

Over the years, we’ve been privileged to be involved with and support many charities through donation as well as through the actions of our people. From furniture donations and furnishing houses for families in crisis, to sending our trucks and people to pitch in during emergencies.

Join Dekora

We’re for the creatives, the difference-makers, and the idea people who don’t settle, because together, we can do remarkable things.


At DEKORA, we pitch in, we own it, we go for it, we love it, we excel. Great teams don’t come together by chance—and they don’t stay together by accident. We believe in hiring the right people who share our values. The kind of people with vision and purpose, the hard workers and the responsibility takers. The kind of people who own their attitude and approach everything with the highest of standards. 


DEKORA employees give each other the encouragement and opportunity to be the best we can be, and to do our best work. We relish what we do, and we have fun doing it.